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Sponsorship Opportunities
Incorporating virtual convention week into your marketing strategy - unique placements, breakout rooms, community opportunities

For Sponsors

Psychedel Convention Weeks and Platform connect you to an international audience united by the common interests you share.

Speakers, experts, attendees, and sponsors interact on the Psychedel platform and you can promote your business effectively - both during the Psychedel Convention Weeks event and beyond. All media can include your logo and will be visible for a newcomers even after the event. We propose interactive ads, promo videos, direct buy-order buttons for your products and services. And other features.
Learn more about the preferences of the international target audience, analyzing their actions and journey across a whole event. The resulting insights help to send more nuanced and balanced follow-up proposition, and to automate the process.

The Platinum sponsor will stay silver during the next event.
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Target Audience

We expected to attract
> 50 000

participants interested in fields:

Meditation and Wellbeing
Spiritual Practice
Yoga and Body Practice
Mental Health
Life Coaching
Natural Therapies
Academic Research
For Sponsors
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You will also receive a certificate of partnership with us and premium business status in our community!

Sponsor packages


Creative Placements

at the media event, on the platform, in the marketplace, and in all of our social media ads

Unique Audience

from all related fields with a high percentage of experts and leaders from different countries

Modern Infrastructure

integrated in one specialized platform, with media restreamed to all social networks

Sponsorship Benefits

Convention Week Benefits


> 30 000 attendees estimation

International crowd interested in all related topics. Measured audience engagement, deep stats about interactions with your materials. Premium sponsors can engage community interactively.

7 days of direct forum on Psychedel

A whole virtual convention week where you can promote your business and values. Unique B2C and B2B opportunities - you always see detailed profile of individuals and experts.

Follow-ups, automatical subscriptions

We help you to form automatical follow-up messages and propositions that members with particular interests will get on Psychedel during and after the event in several different formats.


Silver Sponsor
Your logo in the list of sponsors at the end of each interview and video. After Psychedel logo in all full versions of interviews and talks.
Logo placements — event landing page list of sponsors, your business profile.
Your company business profile on Psychedel — 2 years
It gives access to additional stats about users reactions
(mentions, likes, comments) and advanced features for business networking.
Promotion of the extended profile — branded landing page
In addition to your existing site, you will have your branded brief landing page with information about the company and products, links to your categories, and posts
Community badge.
A branded badge that can be used as any other general badge on Psychedel during and after the Psychedel Convention Weeks.
Get in touch for details
Golden Sponsor
All the above +
Logo placements — all media rooms, related categories. In the case of psychedelics - in all medial rooms and on top of every category page related to psychedelics.
Logo placements — email summaries.
Every user receives a summary email after each session - with your logo and clickable link in the block of Golden Sponsors.
Full format promotional interview about your brand and product.
1 full session (prerecorded or live) about your company, values, and goals.We choose sponsors that have not only marketing information, but also some info that will be interesting and important for our audience — to increase loyalty and interest in you.
Promotional article in the Knowledge Base.
There is a special category on Psychedel for structured information — we will prepare an article about your products and services.
Access to all stats and metrics.
Detailed statistical information about views and interactions with your materials.
Automatic subscription for members with 3+ related interests.
We ask you about well-defined 5 keywords related to your company.
Users that will mention 3+ related interests will be subscribed to your news and updates.
2 direct buy/order buttons.
If you sell something or propose services — you will have an option to place 2 direct buy-order buttons (for your goods and services filled in our marketplace with our usual operational % from transactions). Users will be able to make an order without going anywhere.
Internal community space — for 2 years.
You can interact with users directly in your own space.
Extended landing for goods/services On your landing page

We will add direct order buttons and detailed information about every important aspect.
Get in touch for details
Platinum Sponsor
All the above +
Logo placement —
in every Psychedel Convention Weeks promotional material
(including ads in social networks and special groups).
We share our entire advertising campaign with our single Platinum sponsor, and this gives maximum reach for you.
Everyone who sees our ads will also see you.
Logo placement -—
all live and pre-recorded videos.
During the first 2 minutes after the intro, near the Psychedel logo.
After the first 2 minutes, both Psychedel and your logo will be hidden.
You are the
only one from your industry whose advertising materials we place.
individually discuss
the most effective format for you to participate in the event.
Starting from the format of the interview or special media materials that we can use during the event.
Get in touch for details