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Community of global communities

Monetize your expertise

Specially for community leaders

Who already have a community outside of the Psychedel platform.
Who doesn't have a community yet, but are ready to develop it.

We support in every possible way professional and most active experts who want and can help people with their knowledge, experience and practical advice to achieve personal transformation, find harmony and improve mental health.

That's why we have developed a special offer for these expert leaders to help you grow your community, monetize your expertise and get additional sources of income.

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As a Leader, you receive

➤  A permanently monetary reward - 2€/month from each
of your community members' subscription fees

➤  Money rewards
from all their Psychedel Marketplace purchases

➤  Discounts
on the Leader package and other benefits

Grow your audience
and create mutually beneficial collaborations

How monetization works

Point 1

Paid subscription

As a leader, we give you a special personal referral link to register on the Psychedel platform. If people join any paid packages through your referral links, you receive monetary rewards - permanently as long as they subscribe to your community.

If your referral subscriber has joined on:

"Active" package (19€), you get 3.8€ every month
"Leader" package (39 €), you get 7.8€ every month

Point 2

Through your referrals' purchases

You receive monetary rewards from the purchases made through the Psychedel platform by your referrals.

Point 3

WIN-WIN collaborations

The shopping leaders act as KOL (key opinion leaders).
Specifically, you can promote the information of other communities on the Psychedel platform in your community.
And in doing so, help each other's communities grow. You can advertise products and services from other experts in your community and receive a monetary reward from the sales.


Increase in sales of your goods and services
Additional earnings from sales of goods and services of your fellow experts
Attraction of new people to your community
Loyalty and support from the Leaders you help

Important points

Point 1

Personal referral link

On the platform, we create a separate group with the name of your community.
People who sign up with your personal referral link will automatically get to your community group. You can share your referral link under the posts in all social networks, as well as in any promotional materials.

Point 2

Additional growth of your community

In turn, your community members can invite other people to Psychedel and share your referral link. And if they do, everyone who clicks on it - also gets into your community and is assigned to you.

Point 3

Stability and transparency

People who come through your referral link will be associated with your profile. They will stay be associated with you anyway if they are added to other communities.

Additional benefits
of a Community Leader

Leader Group Membership and Leader Status

Leaders with a community of 100 or more receive a Leader badge and access to the VIP Community Leader Group (a closed group) to communicate on the same level on sensitive topics. Get to know each other closer and more informally and build mutually beneficial collaborations.

Moderator Status

We give you increased rights ‒ you can flexibly moderate and customize your group. And if you have any questions  ‒ we will always be there for you.

We help you to grow your community

In addition to being able to monetize your expertise, we are willing to help you grow your communities.

To do this, we:

Host Convention Weeks - international online events 3 times a year where experts can make themselves known to a large audience, communicate the value of their work, and promote their products and services.
Organize intermediate online events - small local, themed events.
Manage community growth through newcomers.
New audiences that come through online events get on the platform and join your communities (restricted to pre-moderated communities and groups only)
Work on promotion. We promote some experts through our social networks and other advertising platforms. We are promoting the Psychedel project itself.
Add more new features. With our technical base, we can introduce and implement more tools and features on the platform. So be open to telling us your needs, wishes and ideas. And we'll try to review and put it in our Roadmap!

How you can engage with your community
And their benefits

Point 1

All your materials are in one place

Participants can have access to your theoretical and practical materials in one place.
Namely ‒ you can integrate your materials of any type (photos, posts, articles, videos, audio, courses and individual lessons) directly into the Psychedel platform.
An added benefit for you is that members of other related communities can find and interact with your content (if you open it for their groups).

Point 2

Structured Communication

Each of your posts has a convenient system of comments for discussions, likes and ratings. Comments can include media in the same way as posts do.

Point 3

Personal marathons and courses

Post lessons, arrange video conferences or practical video master-classes.

Point 4

Practice journals

In your community, you can give practice assignments and keep track of them. People can use journals that can be private, restricted to a particular group or public. Public journals can have comments from all participants. Keeping such journals helps to see their progress, observe your inner state and thoughts.

Point 5

Ratings, contests and awards

You can hold various ratings and contests, awards or rewards among your audience. Draw prizes.

Point 6

Special offers

You can promote additional discounts or other offers for your products, services, courses.

Point 7

Like-minded people

Communities unite people by interests, goals, passion, status. It makes you want to spend more time inside the community. An informal atmosphere between the participants helps to communicate more openly, support each other, inspire not to diverge from the path.

Point 8

Related Interests

Psychedel platform will feature different communities from different fields in psychedelics, meditation and yoga, body practices. Such diversity, united by common meanings and goals, enhances personal development and enriches in itself.

Convention events
& web-platform

Platform description
Open your mind and help others!
For everyone
Both on web and mobile!

You can join using your existing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

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For everyone
Both on web and mobile!

You can join using your existing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

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Simple nesting

Small nesting of sections - always easy to find what you need. All information is divided into thematic sections and subsections. It's easy to navigate.

Space separation

The platform space is divided into public and private. Only certain groups will have access to certain categories and features.

Flexible Markdown editor

For posts, comments, messages. Ability to conveniently format text, insert images, video, audio, attach files of different types.

Subscribe on topics, tags, people

You can subscribe not only to participants, topics, but also to tags. This allows you to flexibly build a selection of notifications of interest to you.

Topic and post filtering

Easy transition between "newest", "most popular" and so on. You can sort by number of likes, comments, etc.

Linked posts (topics)

You like a topic of conversation, but you want to create your own thread in the context of it, while referring to the original topic - the post of another participant.
Open your mind
and help others!
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